VersionPress (WordPress + Git)

VersionPress is a free and open source version control plugin for WordPress built on Git. VersionPress tracks all the actions in a WordPress site and simply offers an undo button for them. For example, if a plugin update failed, the undo button reverts its files and any database changes the plugin might have made.

Even better, VersionPress provides painless staging. This means that you can easily create a safe testing environment for your changes and only merge them back when they are ready. Merge is the key word here – VersionPress handles situations where your live site had new content in the meantime seamlessly.

VersionPress brings the power of Git to WordPress. We version-control both files and the database, in a clever way that is friendly to diffing & merging. Push and pull from GitHub, create pull requests for new content changes, review them in a team, merge into production later, etc.



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