Typebase.css, a starting point for good web typography

Typebase.css is a minimal, customizable typography stylesheet and has both LESS and Sass versions so it can easily be modified and merged into modern web projects. It provides all the necessary scaffolding for good typography without adding any aesthetics. It is built to be modified as projects evolve and grow, and plays nice with normalize.css.

The most important thing that typebase.css gives you is an enforced vertical rythm across most screens (working on mobile), to insure that text across columns and long copy doesn’t become uneven. Typebase.css aims to provide a minimal CSS typography boiler plate.

Most css frameworks fail web typography in one of a few ways:

  1. They contain built-in aesthetics
  2. Inconsistant vertical rhythm across major elements
  3. Hard to decouple from the rest of the framework

Both force designers & developers to do extra work to realize their design. Let typebase.css handle the vertical rhythm and spacing, you handle the typefaces and design.

Typebase.css is a project by Devin Hunt. View the complete source and contribute on GitHub.



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