Type Nugget Alpha – an online typesetting tool

The Type Nugget Alpha, an online typesetting tool that will eventually make all of your online typesetting dreams come true. The Type Nugget was builded to streamline the design-to-development stage of your workflow.

The Type Nugget Alpha let’s you design some hella fine web type painlessly via a pleasant user interface, knowing exactly what your content would look like in browser, and generate a robust, accessible stylesheet that you could implement with zero fiddling.

Future builds will definitely include support for multiple breakpoints, with default styles for mobile, tablet, and desktop and the ability to fully customise styles for each breakpoint. Right now, the Alpha is using Typewolf’s 30 Best Google Fonts but we eventually want to integrate the full Google Fonts library, and other font providers too.

The Alpha currently generates minified CSS, but eventually options for SASS and LESS generation will be build as well. From a UI standpoint, more properties will be added in the future, and include more elements, like drop caps and pull quotes.

Type Nugget


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