A11Y Project’s Checklist – Check your WCAG compliance

Accessibility is incredibly important, yet often overlooked in traditional digital design and development education. Because of this, The A11Y Project strives to be a living example of how to create beautiful, accessible, and inclusive digital experiences.

This checklist uses The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a reference point. The WCAG is a shared standard for web content accessibility for individuals, organizations, and governments. This checklist targets many, but not all level A and AA concerns. Note that the different levels of WCAG support do not necessarily indicate an increased level of difficulty to implement.

Each item on this accessibility checklist has a corresponding WCAG “success criterion.” Success criterion are the specific, testable rules that power the WCAG, described by a reference number and short title. Some accessibility issues may have multiple success criterion apply to them. The A11Y Project has identified the one most relevant for each checklist item.



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