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NMFF – Ikdoemeejijook

The goal of NMFF (Nature and Environment Federation Flevoland) is to broaden the support for nature, the environment and sustainability in Flevoland (province in the Netherlands). NMFF does this together with the many local groups and with green organizations, but also with pioneers from the business community and other social organizations.


I was asked to design and realize a new responsive WordPress campaign website for NMFF. The purpose of this website is to bring together and display the different campaigns mentioned on the various sustainability community websites.


This responsive WordPress campaign website has one Custom Post Type (added in the back-end of WordPress) to publish the different campaigns, so that they can be dynamically displayed on the homepage and as a menu in the footer.

The different campaigns are shown in a Masonry (jQuery library) layout. A masonry is a responsive grid layout based on columns, where the rows have no fixed height. In short, a masonry layout optimizes the use of space within the web page by reducing unnecessary gaps.

Furthermore, a Theme Options module has been built in the backend to, for example, provide address data and social media channels in one place, which can be dynamically displayed on the different pages. But also to ensure that all content on the website can be adjusted by the client.

This WordPress website also uses widgets. Widgets allow the client to add content, functions, navigation menus and other elements to the WordPress sidebar. My gonzocons 2.0 Icon Font (100 Line Icons) is also embedded in this website.

Within the different pages and posts the customer can choose to for either a Hero image (using the ‘featured image’ function in WordPress) or no Hero image in the header. This theme uses system fonts for a clean and modern look, but it’s also better for performance.

The emphasis on the website was on a unique design and structure, so that extensive information about the campaigns and news items can be found within a few clicks. A lot of attention has also been paid to the search engine friendliness and performance (e.g. loading time) of the new website. The site is also fully Gutenberg ready for the future.

Responsive WordPress website for NMFF campaigns (
Scope of Work:

CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Performance, Responsive Web Design, Theme Options, UX/UI, WordPress

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