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gonzopressious (Tumblr)

‘gonzopress(ious)’ is a Premium Tumblr Theme made for writing. It features a clean, minimalist and legible design to allow the content to shine and keep distractions to a minimum.

gonzopress(ious) is also designed to display all of Tumblr’s post types. No matter what type of content you want to publish on your blog, this theme will display it beautifully.

Fully Responsive + Retina-ready

gonzopress(ious) ’ layout fully adapts to fill your whole screen with posts – from the smallest mobile or tablet to the largest cinema display, .. resize your browser and see for yourself! This theme allows you to upload big(ger) images to show off to your friends, but please consider image compression!


While gonzopress(ious) is designed to be great out of the box, there is plenty for you to customize. Options include showing or hiding the captions on the indexpage, enabling or disabling infinite-scroll / pagination, uploading a logo image, enabling a header slider for multiple images, full height or fixed height header and much .. much more.

  • Standard Tumblr custom options
  • Fully Responsive + Retina-ready
  • Change all colors
  • Set Breakpoint Navigation
  • Use custom Web Fonts
  • Show your Social Profiles
  • Enable Social Media sharing
  • DISQUS comments
  • Enable Google Analytics
  • Full height or fixed height Header
  • Slider for multiple Header Images
  • Infinite Scroll or Pagination
  • Show your Instagram feed in the Footer
  • Prefab styled HTML Elements
  • 3RD Party integration (e.g. Soundcloud, Codepen, etc.)

Extra Features

I’ve also made some cool extra features to personalise this blog theme, read all about it here:

Extra Features

3RD Party Integration

gonzopress(ious) has some 3rd party software integration built-in, enabling you to insert all kind of ‘widgets’ with the provided copy-and-paste Embed code from the specific application. Examples are: Codepen, SoundCloud, Spotify, SlideShare, JotForms and more.

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Scope of Work:

CSS3, HTML5, Infinitive Scroll, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, Tumblr Theme, UX/UI

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