Generate unique SVG design assets

Haikei is a web app to generate unique SVG shapes, backgrounds, and patterns – ready to use with your design tools and workflow. Get started with one of the flexible SVG generators that will help you create unique data-driven shapes without hassle. Choose between stacked or layered waves, steps, peaks, blobs, symbols, grids, gradients, and much more.

Whether you are creating a poster or a website, integrating Haikei into your workflow is easy! Export your background as PNG, SVG and continue working on it in any vector editing tool, CMS or code base. Haikei’s generators will help you create unique visuals that look good every time. Play with the settings to find the right parameters and use the dice button to generate a new visual every time.

Choose from a number of common canvas sizes to help you generate cool backgrounds, ready to share. You can also tweak the size and compare different generators across formats. Haikei will adapt to your needs.

Haikei Web App


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