EQCSS: A CSS Extension for Element Queries

Element queries are a new way of thinking about responsive web design where the responsive conditions apply to elements on the page instead of the width or height of the browser.

Unlike CSS @media queries, @element Queries are aware of more than just the width and height of the browser, you can write responsive conditions for a number of different situations like how many characters of text or child elements an element contains.

EQCSS is a JavaScript plugin that lets you write element queries inside CSS today. With performance in mind, this plugin is written in pure JavaScript, so it doesn’t require jQuery or any other libraries on your page in order to function – add EQCSS.js to your HTML and you’re ready to get started!

EQCSS is also hosted on CDNjs and you can use the version hosted there for your projects: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/eqcss.

download EQCSS

Created by @innovati and @maximeeuziere


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