CSS color gradients for UI elements and backgrounds

A color gradient is a gradual blend between two or more colors. Usually, a gradient is defined by two user-defined colors, and the computer automatically calculate all colors in between. Color gradients can consist of two or more used-defined colors. In CSS code for websites, you can define linear and radial gradients.

Normally a designer hand-picks two or more colors to make a color gradient. This requires design experience and a good eye for color harmony. This color gradient generator makes use of the color gradient algorithms.

You just have to select a single color, and this gradient generator automatically generates a nice looking gradient based on that. There’s a lot of color science going on behind the scenes, but rest assured that your color gradient always looks good.

This CSS background gradient generator automatically creates a color gradient based on your selected color. There are different styles of gradients.

The light style generates a color gradient that looks like it’s being highlighted by a light source. Perfect to add some shine to your colors. The deep style takes that concept a bit further and adds more hues to the color spectrum. The rainbow style is perfect for lighter colors, to create a mother-of-pearls look. And the intense style creates an intense, deep and rich color gradient.

When you’ve selected a color, you can drag the sliders to adjust the gradient. The first slider controls the amount of gradient. The second slider controls the rotation of the color gradient. You can use this to simulate where the light is coming from. The third slider switches from linear to radial mode.

Color gradient generator


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