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In the last ten years, an average website’s size has increased from 500kb to 2000kb. Images have always been taking up half the amount. There’s a need for a new image format to stop the increasing size of pictures on the web.

For years, JPEG has remained the most popular picture format due to its high compatibility. AVIF is the modern solution. It is developed by the Alliance for Open Media, a collaboration of Google, Apple, Mozilla, Intel and other tech giants. AVIF is a codec for super-compressed images with acceptable quality, and it’s constantly getting better.

Support is constantly rising across browsers, software and hardware. Thanks to being royalty-free, companies can include the format without having to deal with patents.

AVIF offers significant reductions in file size over the current JPEG or WebP codecs. You can reduce file sizes by 20-90%, even for images with transparency and animated frames. Currently supported by Chrome, Opera and Firefox, you can expect it to get more support soon. The most influential tech companies develop AVIF.

Netflix has already considered .avif superior to the JPEG, PNG, and even the newer WebP image formats for its image quality to compressed file size ratio. AV1 was created by industry leaders and technology innovators from all prestigious companies. They licensed their codec patents royalty-free to create an ecosystem that would endure.

There is no other codec that seems as promising as AVIF. With its widespread support, current feature rate, license-free usage, and the highest compression rate achieved, we are only steps away from creating a truly modern web.

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