Tool building color systems for accessible UIs

I made this excerpt below to explain what Colorbox is, this excerpt is from the article “Re-approaching Color” on Medium.

When we looked at conventional programmatic color generation tools, nearly all of them progressed at a fixed rate with an even spread of light and dark colors, with minor if any, changes to saturation and hue. So we decided to build our own algorithm to generate colors.

This algorithm allows us to remove all the dependencies we previously had with color selection, so if we have a new designer working on this or we change tools or monitors, we’ll still have the same outcome. This algorithm also enables us to quickly modify or scale color as we need to over time.

So today, we’ve shared our learnings about working with color, and we are open-sourcing our color algorithm. To ensure that every team that’s interested in using this color algorithm is able to, we’ve packaged it together as a web tool that we call ColorBox.


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