Checklist Design: The best UX and UI practices

When you’re building a website or app, things can get complex quickly. You’re in the trenches, thinking about every element, interaction and journey. Keeping all of this information in your head is a problem. You inevitably forget things, and lose mental space that would otherwise be free for creativity and problem solving.

This checklist covers e.g. a number of pages that can be on a website, the fundamental building blocks of an interface, the experiences that happen across multiple (inter)actions, topics that affect design on a global scale and different areas of a brand guideline.

This checklist design makes your work more assured, and saves you from going back and picking up whatever fell through in the first phase of work. Designers, developers, and makers can all benefit from these checklists. It’s a great way for juniors to learn and define your process, and a refreshing reminder for seniors.

Checklist Design

Checklist Design was made by George Hatzis.


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