twig: A simple Open Source lineart iconset


Twig is a lineart iconset, icons specifically made for various sizes so as to retain the same line thickness. You will find these icons in the respective folders for 12px, 16px, 24px, 32px & 48px. Some of these folders contain less icons than others, use the 16px by default. While working on some of their…

SmartIcons: A Customizable SVG icon system


Sign up for free and get access to a number of free SVG icon sets for life, including unlimited usage for both personal and commercial use. SmartIcons has a growing number of iconsets that remain in value for all users. At current tally it’s around 4500+ icons over various sets and styles. There’s even a…

Material Design Icons


Google Design has open-sourced 750 glyphs as part of the Material Design system icons pack. The system icons contain icons commonly used across different apps, such as icons used for media playback, communication, content editing, connectivity, and so on. They’re equally useful when building for the web, Android or iOS.

Iconizr, from SVG drawings to a CSS icon kit


Iconizr is a free, PHP based command line tool for processing SVG files to CSS icon kits, catering for the full range of devices and clients out there. It creates SVG and PNG fallback icon sprites, their data URI counterparts and the matching CSS and Sass code. It optimizes both SVG and PNG files in…