sanitize.css: render elements consistently


sanitize.css makes browsers render elements consistently and allows you to style with today’s best practices out-of-the-box. Sanitize follows in the footsteps of normalize.css and reset.css — standardizing browsers while giving you the canvas you want to play with. sanitize.css contains the baseline styles many of us end up writing anyway. CSS inheritance is assigned universally…

Styleguide (the Half-Naked Truth)


A style guide is a list of all design-related directives (UX / UI) and deals with questions regarding the use of typography, specific HTML (text) elements, embedded media and the right corporate colors. With a visual style guide or style guide, the emphasis is on the accurate monitoring of the online branding of your website…



Write CSS without worrying that overzealous, pre-existing styles will cause problems. MaintainableCSS is an approach to writing modular, semantic, scalable, high performing and of course, maintainable CSS. MaintainableCSS is a set of principles, guides and conventions that help you write CSS for large or small scale websites. If you have ever experienced pain in maintaining…

Flexbox Patterns, examples and source code


Flexbox is a new set of rules for positioning child elements within a parent element. You can think of it as a way of predictably laying out items within a container. Flexbox CSS is awesome, but it introduces many new concepts that can make it difficult to use. Without flexbox, CSS layouts have to be…

Gridlex, a Flexbox Grid System


Based on Flexbox (CSS Flexible Box Layout Module), Gridlex is a very simple css grid system to quickly create modern layouts and submodules. The concept is simple: you need to wrap your .col in a .grid. That’s all. Basically each column is the same width as every other cell in the grid, but you can…

Basscss: Low-level CSS toolkit


Basscss is a lightweight collection of base element styles, immutable utilities, layout modules, and color styles designed for speed, clarity, performance, and scalability. Basscss is quick to internalize and easy to reason about while speeding up development time with more scalable, more readable code. Composable Reusable, interoperable styles work like building blocks to lay the…

Solved by Flexbox: Cleaner, hack-free CSS


This is not another CSS framework. Instead, the purpose of this site is to showcase problems once hard or impossible to solve with CSS alone, now made trivially easy with Flexbox. And with the recent release of Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 6.1, the latest Flexbox spec is now supported in every modern browser. View…

csstyle: clean, simple styling for the web


csstyle is a modern approach for crafting beautifully maintainable stylesheets and makes your project’s styling refreshingly consistent! The csstyle method is implemented using a set of SASS mixins that make your CSS readable and semantic, generate your selectors for you, and automatically handle things like specificity and nesting. To get started just import the csstyle…

Takana: a CSS/SCSS Live Editor


Takana is a Sass/CSS live editor, it lets you see your SCSS and CSS style changes live, in the browser, as you type them. Preview changes to your stylesheets in real-time. Takana connects Sublime Text with Chrome so you can design, prototpe and develop faster than before.