Sun Tzu Strategies


Sun Tzu Strategies’ mission is to help organizations and individuals defeat the competition with superior strategy. Using war as a metaphor for business competition, their views are based on Sun Tzu’s classic, The Art of War. Through keynotes, training and workshops, their recognized experts reveal how to gain a decisive advantage with superior strategy.

SunTzuStrategies wanted to redesign their current website to be fully responsive, so the site would also be easy to read on all mobile devices. Furthermore, SunTzuStrategies wanted to have the opportunity to have an additional Call-To-Action (CTA) field on any page to appear, with input fields for a custom background-color, title, body text and a link button.

The biggest challenge was to code a new navigation menu which is three levels deep! The Main menu on desktop version works on ‘hover’, allowing the user to access all menu items. On mobile the main menu uses a dropdown menu, where the underlying menu items appear on click.

Making use of the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin made it possible to create Custom Metaboxes on every page with inputs for a custom background-color, title, paragraph and link button (also with a custom linktext).

The layout and design were slightly adjusted to get the site fully responsive and functional. The sidebar is removed and the logo is now primarily built in CSS and real (editable) text, where it previously was a photo banner with logo and ‘flat’ text.

HTML/CSS, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, WordPress


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