Salvattore jQuery Masonry


Salvattore is a jQuery Masonry alternative with CSS-driven configuration. Salvattore organizes your HTML elements according to the number of columns you specify. Each of the items in your container is placed within these columns, one by one. To get started simply add a data-columns attribute to the container. In your CSS file you can set…

Brad Frost — Death to Bullshit [VID]


A brilliant talk by Brad Frost from the ‘Ready to Inspire Conference’ which was held on 11th December 2012 at the “Stadsgehoorzaal” in Leiden, The Netherlands. This talk actually reinforces my faith in creating only (minimalistic) fast websites and pages which only show what the user needs and without the loads of unnecessary BS around…

SVGeneration, an SVG backgrounds gallery


SVG graphics can be very powerful, but as we know “With great power comes great responsibility.” In the future, you may be able to use them without having to worry about support. Fortunately SVG background graphics are widely supported, they will work out of the box for roughly 85% of visitors. However, there are a…