Brand Identity Design


A strong recognizable Brand Identity is perhaps the single most important factor in determining whether a new company or business will establish early on and succeed. Brand strategy defines a company’s positioning and their unique values.

From the tone of voice used on your social media channels, to the colours and typefaces/fonts in your brochure, your brand encompasses it all. It is the foundation from which everything else flows and provides a focused, consistent and unified idea on which strong brands are built.

Not having a Brand identity as a company means missing a huge opportunity, because with a brand identity every company becomes much more recognizable for important target groups such as new customers.

Why does a Company needs a Brand Identity?

Using a professional and consistent corporate identity has a number of important advantages:

  1. In an overcrowded market place professional graphic design is very important in letting a company stand out from the competition, creating an corporate image for all important target groups, such as: prospect, existing customers, subcontractors and potential employees.
  2. A company logo or printed marketing materials often provide a first impression of a business – make sure this is a good one, and follow it up with a unified, cohesive look and feel that effectively conveys the essence of the company.
  3. A professional corporate identity makes both customers’ and prospects’ confidence grow. Faith in a company, a better presentation and a better company efficiency is the result.

Therefore a good professional corporate identity will pay back its initial costs.

Objective is always to create a brand identity that brings your business to life while presenting your core values to your target audience. From Logo Design and Stationary to Corporate and Promotional Print Design, offering the full range of Graphic Design services that capture the personality of your business.

Of course specific and technical requirements are put to the different components of a Brand identity. A logo must be useful for all of the company’s marketing-tools: It should look good on paper, screen as well on company clothing or on the company’s truck, a corporate identity should be applicable on several formats. Optionally I can produce clear, simple brand guidelines so that your message remains consistent across every conceivable type of media.

My clients span a variety of industry sectors but all share the same need for a visual solution to a business issue. Whether that is to improve the business image, communicate a particular message, or to sell more products, .. I can help to get the message across! .. Let’s talk!